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Who am I? Why do I do this? How can I figure this out? Why do I still feel this way? How can I change?
You will like the person you find within the mirror!


  • Anyone who wants joyful expectancy for a hopeful future!
  • You and/or your loved one can benefit from the Mirror Images program as it offers appreciation of who you are through examination of the root issues of your own life.

"Facing the truth about the stuff I didn't dare face from my icky past has helped me heal."

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TESTIMONIAL FROM PARTICIPANT IN 2011. "The week after my retreat, my daughter in law asked me, "Did they hypnotize you or what? I have never seen you like this!" No. I was not hypnotized I am peaceful with who I am, I'm okay!"

TESTIMONIAL FROM PARTICIPANT IN 2011. Another person who had never spoken of her secrets, found herself within a month of her retreat helping someone she had just met by telling her story. Already using what she had learned about herself to help another hurting person!

TESTIMONIAL FROM ALASKA MI PARTICIPANT. "Words cannot express how you have helped me. If I had to I would say you have given me permission to forgive myself. You have enlightened me so that I can deal with my guilt and shame. You have given me the tools I need to mend my brokenness. You have taught me that I can change and move forward in my life so that I can make a difference in the lives of my four children. I am on the path of healing. I am looking forward to give what you have given me. Thank you for having this impact on my life. You shall remain a part of my life for as long as I live. You are an answer to prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

TESTIMONIAL FROM MN PARTICIPANT. "I was making dinner one night and my son Noah (age 7) was talking to his friend Tommy (age 9). They were in the other room and didn't know I could overhear their conversation. Tommy was telling Noah how his friend has a very bad temper and gets very angry and mean sometimes. Noah (my son) said, 'You should tell your friend to go to RETREAT, Tommy!!!! My mom did and she came home and she doesn't have tempers anymore!!' He said this all very seriously. And of course his friend Tommy had no idea what Noah was talking about, but Noah was very confident about what he was saying. ;o)"

TESTIMONIAL FROM CANADIAN PARTICIPANT. "I have been basking in my newfound freedom, and reading my Bible (1 Corinthians) with new eyes this week. I kind of feel like the Samaritan woman... excited to share my news about a God who knows all about us... and LOVES us all the same!"

TESTIMONIAL FROM PARTICIPANT. "By taking a look inside, I rediscovered my main purpose in life, who I am to God and others. Also, with help, my gifts and calling were validated with celebration."

TESTIMONIAL FROM PARTICIPANT. "K" states, "When I dared to search for the truth of what exactly had happened to my children I found I had exaggerated the damages and my guilt."

The Mirror Images program is for you, for those you love and care about and also offers a unique opportunity for those desiring to help others.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8.32