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Mirror Images Retreats Programs

Who am I? Why do I do this? How can I figure this out? Why do I still feel this way? How can I change?
You will like the person you find within the mirror!

How does Mirror Images work?

Mirror Images Retreats are held in a tranquil setting that encourages study, self-examination, prayer and insightful sharing. MI provides a safe place to take a reflective journey of self discovery.

The retreat is a combination of men and women together in large group discussions and small group sharing. There is time for quiet reflection and personal discovery away from the everyday demands of family, work and the world.

Mirror Images will help you know and gain an understanding of God's view of your life's experiences. Through Biblical Foundation you will discover you can love who you are: worthy, valued and loved. You will find hope, purpose ~ the joy of living!

The Mirror Images program offers each individual the opportunity of facing the challenge to look deep into your own eyes for the truth:

  • understand the truth of who you are
  • provides a process for acceptance, forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation
  • a chance to validate and understand your life's experiences
  • hope for the future
  • you will like who you find behind the mirror!

The Mirror Images program provides an opportunity to safely look through your past to enhance your future. Mirror Images provides a safe place for discovery within a group commitment of confidentiality. The discovery search is basically a three step process of searching through your life experiences from three perspectives: Historical Perspective, Assessing Damages; Restoration and Reconciliation.

MI will help you understand that God loves you and you can love yourself too! The Mirror Images program will help you really know yourself, discover your place in life and develop your potential for the future. People have dealt with memories unique to each individual: some of these are pregnancy losses, abuse, neglect, conflicted relationships, family secrets, and PTSD.

Scripturally sound: Jeremiah 11.29; James 2.22-24; Romans 8:28